// Classic Collection

An absolute Classic

The slightly conical textile shades embody clear, sleek extensions to leg contour, leveraging carefully chosen proportions to underscore the classy presence of this Balada & Co. Collection. High-quality chintz – available in matt and velvety iridescent textures – opens up a wide array of prospects for personalization, harmonizing with the trendy, muted colors to create distinct interiors.

// Vintage Collection

Shade with Charm

Our cloth shades are comprised of an elastic crêpe mesh stretched over a curved bar stand to yield a striking three-dimensional shade of refined quality.

The matt, slightly granular surface is sandy-soft to the touch, providing for exquisite elegance and comfort. When the light is on, the shade turns translucent, creating an extraordinary sensation of lightness.


BALADA & CO. uses Multiplex boards from Finland, which are pressed with a special high pressure laminate (HPL). This creates a highly matt surface with extremely low light reflection. Coupled with warm wooden trim, an especially classy ambiance is created.

For the first time in a lamp collection, BALADA & CO. is using FENIX NTM® – compact, extremely opaque boards produced using nano technology. Advantages: highly matt surface, excellent color depth, soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint.

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