Bronzed Brass EN

Bronzed Brass Edition


Pure brass with a unique bronze patina effect that touches our senses. The elegant, warm, slightly metallic shimmering tone stands for calm and clarity. Transported by the modern geometries of the luminaire bases of the Debut Collection, this creates a timeless and harmonious look that characterises sophisticated interiors.

No. 35 XL Bronzed Brass Edition

Lampshade Col. Off White – 233

Warm texture meets bronze patina.
In this way, the strong stature of No. 35 XL lends the room
urbanity and sophisticated exclusivity at the same time.

What can hardly be achieved by modern surfaces,
achieves bronze due to its authentitcity.
In the context of the modern geometries

of the lamp bases of the Debut Collection
it lends them timeless elegance
and connects them with the rich
history of this material.

No. 35

Contour meets Material.

No. 35, the original model of Balada & Co.
An interplay of smaller and larger 
radii leads into long and short 
lines and gives No. 35
its concise contour 
with proud aura.

The warm shimmering patina
of the Bronzed Brass surface
gives its four feeds 
probably the most impressive
appearance that No. 35 Floor Lamp
ever had.


It all starts with
the pure material.

With a great amount of expertise,
and the exposure to an
oxidative ageing process
develops the characteristic
unique bronze patina
of shimmering nuances
of gold, brown and green.
This natural ageing gives bronze
history, depth and authenticity
and authenticity that is often difficult
to achieve with modern materials.

“The tactile quality and smooth, rich texture invites you to run your fingers over it. The haptic experience reinforces the emotional connection to the object and makes the Bronzed Brass Edition a sensual pleasure.”



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